Here at P.E.A. Builders we are a small family who wants to give you a great experience while you are building your forever dream house. Though we are a small family, we are mighty!

Steve and Mary, President and CFO/Design Consultant, are the owners and face of the company. Steve created this company with a vision to build green! Focusing on energy efficiency and sustainability is Steve’s passion. Mary is there to assist with the finishes and finances. They always put their customers first and do everything possible to make sure they get the house of their dreams!

Skilled at architectural detail and a huge Frank Lloyd Wright fan, architect Chris works together with Steve and our customers to create a design as unique as our customer. His great attention to detail and love of classic architecture is shown in everything he does.

Behind the scenes working hard to bring our customers vision to life is Julie. Julie is our Designer and Estimator who produces beautiful interior and exterior drawings so our customers can visualize their space. She is the go-to for assisting with customer selections!

Our lead out in the field is Shaun. He is the go-to for any on site questions. He is the company’s Project Manager and Lead Rough Carpenter who is always out there making sure the projects are running smoothly and efficiently!

Riley is the company’s Marketing and Project Coordinator. Working alongside Julie and Shaun, she makes sure the projects are staying on track. She works daily to make sure that the company name is always getting out there. She enjoys using her Communication Degree to make creative ads and does a great job keeping the Social Media Feed lively!

Jessy, our financial coordinator, is a great addition to the team in the summers. Jessy is looking to finish her degree at Wisconsin Lutheran College which takes up most of her time during the school year. Though she is only with us for a few months out of the year, she creates great energy in the office that is contagious to everyone!

This work would not be able to come to life without our amazing construction crew. This group of guys and gals is trained in the specific, “sustainable” ways our company builds. They are out there every day making sure every detail is accounted for. We couldn’t ask for anything better!

Finally, Clarence is the mascot of the company who loves to greet everyone with a sniff…maybe a howl if he likes you! Always waiting near the office door wishing he could come in, he brings a smile to everyone.