Throughout our many years of building high performance and passive solar homes, PEA Builders has utilized many different types of building materials and methods.

From SIPs to solar PV, geothermal to radiant floor heating, we have incorporated new and proven technology into many homes. Some of these products have increased in efficiency while becoming more affordable. Not every product or method, however, is practical or necessary for every building situation. Sifting through the complex systems requires knowledge and experience, something that PEA Builders excels in. We do a thorough analysis of needs, budget and property characteristics to provide the best combination of components for the individual customer.

Sustainable High-Performance Home by PEA Builders

Basic breakdown:

Our building systems can generally be categorized into Good, Better and Best so that we can give customers with varying budgets the best quality possible. Please note that our “Tier 1” homes easily outperform the typical standard stick frame construction.

For more details and information on our methods and high performance materials, please visit Green Building.