During these unusual times, you are likely spending more time in your home than ever before. Like many of us, you may find that circumstances compel you to look at your home in a different light. Multi-use spaces, air quality and mood boosting interiors have gained importance as people assess their current environment. At PEA Builders, we’ve spent over 25 years researching how families use their homes… what makes their spaces healthy, comfortable and functional.

In Sarah Susanka’s ‘The Not So Big House’ books, Susanka talks about how important it is to have spaces that can be used in multiple ways. She encourages readers to dig deep and evaluate what they actually need and want. Susanka’s philosophy is one that has been embraced by PEA Builders for years, one that is especially relevant in today’s world.  We encourage our customers to maximize space and use better quality materials. We ask the hard questions to learn what our customers truly require in their home, then design spaces that are multipurpose and efficient, moving and changing with their family.  

Clean air in a home is a MUST, especially with increased time indoors. Older homes with toxins and mold can give you allergy-like symptoms, called “sick house syndrome”. Newer or remodeled homes with insulation may be energy efficient, but a tight home doesn’t “breathe”. That is why PEA puts an air exchanger in every new home and some remodels. An air exchanger circulates stale indoor air and exchanges it for fresh air from outside, while controlling humidity and heat loss. This way, the family is always breathing in healthy and clean air. We call it the “lungs of the home”.

Using sustainable, natural materials in your home is another way to create a healthy environment.  Consider materials that will last for many years, such as solid wood floors, custom built cabinets and granite or quartz countertops. Building materials that do not give off toxins, low VOC paint, and Eco-friendly carpeting are good choices to ensure healthy air quality.

Finally, the interior of your home can play a critical role in how you feel, both physically and emotionally. In a new home, temperature control can be accomplished naturally by the positioning of the home as well as placement of windows and overhangs.  In any home, it’s the details that make the difference… good architecture, craftsmanship and interior design create spaces that elevate your mood. It speaks to your soul in ways that are unexplainable. 

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