Modern Bungalow

An infill project in an older neighborhood with 1950’s bungalows, the owner sought to develop a home style that fit in but met her unique european stylings. We were brought into this project after many renditions had already been attempted and were able to make the owner’s vision come to life with our unique expertise. Metal roof and reclaimed “Cream City” brick were fused with a high performance building system to accomplish the vision. R-35 SIP walls, closed cell spray foam hot roof and triple pane fiberglass windows encompass the occupants with warmth while bamboo ceilings, oak shiplap and radiant concrete floors warm the soul. Metal staircase accents, custom cabinets and woodwork can be found throughout. Unique features also include custom-made concrete bath counters and stainless steel kitchen counters.

This home’s electrical usage will be near “Net Zero” with a 4.14 kW PV grid tied system. All nestled in a cozy Tosa neighborhood.