Bidding Process

We often receive plans from people who have hired an architect to design their home. We recommend that people research, interview and hire a builder at the same time they hire the architect so that they not only get the design they desire but one that will stay within their budget. Because the bidding process is a time consuming and costly endeavor for any builder, we have instituted the following policy regarding providing bids on existing plans.

Prebidding Process

We start with a set of plans and a prebidding meeting. In this meeting we review the plans, take some pertinent measurements, review options and enter data into a worksheet. With our many years of building experience and knowledge of current market prices, we will develop a ballpark range.

If the ballpark amount is within the budget by an amount where material selections or alternative systems can be chosen to bring the project within budget, we will begin the formal bidding process.

If the ballpark amount is greater than the budget amount by an amount where selections and options choices are not enough to bring the project within budget, we will submit our findings with recommendations for design revisions.

If design revisions are implemented, we will redo the prebidding process.

Formal Bidding Process

Sets of plans will be printed and sent to various subcontractors for quote submission. Based on market conditions, we will request multiple bids for items that can have a greater impact on cost.

We allow up to 3 weeks to receive subcontractor estimates and will then develop a detailed specification sheet listing items to be included and options and allowances that can be used to keep or bring the project into budget. The entire process takes approximately 4 weeks.

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