When is the best time to begin building your new home? Let’s explore the Wisconsin seasons and see how they relate to the building process.

Winter: Wisconsin winters can be long and brutal causing problems in the building world. In January and February, the ground is usually frozen so there can be no initial digging. If digging begins in early winter, there is risk of snow before a roof can be installed. The transition from winter to spring typically brings a lot of moisture and melting. This can twist and warp the wood being used for the framing, as well as cause issues with excavation and foundation. Tools may not function well (or even at all!) in extreme temperatures.


Spring: While Spring temperatures are milder than winter, they can fluctuate wildly and cause other potential issues. People don’t call it spring showers for nothing! Also, the spring time can produce frost that may affect materials that are sitting outside during the building process.


Summer: Many think the summer might be the best time to build a house, however summer heat can be very problematic. Workers need to stay hydrated, and many will tell you they would prefer to work in cold temperatures than very hot. Builders products do not fare well in hot sun and may be priced higher. Because summer is a busy building season, there can also be delays in obtaining a loan and getting subcontractors to the building site.


Fall: Late summer into fall is a good time to begin building. The ground is not saturated with the moisture, so it is easier to dig and work with the ground instead of against it. This also allows enough time to get the house built and the roof up before the first snow comes in. It will protect the crew as well as all of the materials. As added bonuses, lenders are less busy, and subcontractors have more availability. Depending on the size of your home, you may be able to be moved in by spring. . . how perfect!

Overall Fall is the best time to begin constructing a new house! With little rain and mild to cool temperatures, it tends to be the perfect combination. Keep these things in mind when you are planning a start time with your contractor.