Tiny Homes are all the new rage these days! The question everyone is asking is, how are you supposed to fit all of the things you need in a home like that? The answer is, utilizing fun furniture that has multiple purposes, even if you have a not so tiny house. Looking at your needs and wants it can make it very easy to get things that will be functional and fun while still saving space.

Do you have to share adult and kids’ space? No problem. Finding a shelf with chairs that fit inside of it is the perfect solution. You are able to cleanly store arts and crafts in this book shelf. This shelf allows the kids to be in a common area without looking like they rule the whole house. Utilizing this creates functionality and neatness so easily.

Storage…the dreaded problem for everyone in a small house. There just never seems to be enough storage space! The perfect solution would be to build under stairs storage. Using the stairs and hidden drawers is another great solution. Building with hidden doors provides a clean sophisticated look while giving you space to store all of your belongings.

This table is perfect for people who love to entertain but also like to have the option of sitting down at the table for breakfast or a good game of cards. These chairs will easily fit underneath to create a modern looking table but are still comfortable enough to pull out to sit down and have a meal.

Are you working from home but don’t have the room for a designated office space? Don’t worry, a fold down table is the perfect solution. While this table is folded up it only comes off the wall about 6-9 inches but gives enough space when folded down to be productive and get work done! As an added bonus…you don’t have to worry about keep an office clean!


Everyone has seen a bed that folds into the wall and thought I would never have that, but it is really a great space saver. If you are you living in a studio apartment but don’t want a bed to take up the whole space, this is the perfect solution for you. It would even be perfect for a multipurpose guest room. Being able to easily bring down the bed at night and fold it up during the day creates a clean space for entertainment and will greatly improve your living area.

Hopefully this inspired you to look into furniture that is a little outside the box!