Wash clothes in cold water

How many loads of laundry do we do every week? 2-3 times or more? Take a step back and look at all that hot water that is being used. By washing clothes in cold water, it prevents them from shrinking and saves hot water!

Air dry clothes

After washing clothes in cold water, just hang them up! Air dry the clothes overnight, and they will be ready for you in the morning. No energy is being used to run the dryer!

Turn down your thermostat at night

Time to get cozy! Turn down the heat at night when its cooler outside and use more blankets for a snuggly night. Using less blankets in the summer and turning the air conditioning up a few degrees will also result in money savings.

Unplug it if you’re not using it

If you went around your house and looked at everything that was plugged into an outlet, you may realize many things aren’t even being used regularly. If you unplug some chords or even just turn off that power strip that has 5 things plugged in, you will conserve electricity.

Throw in the towel

Alright, you don’t have time to air-dry all of your clothes. Another hack is to throw in a clean dry towel. By doing this, the towel will absorb more of the water from the clothes and dry them faster. This will result in a shorter use of heated air and save you time as well!

Replace light bulbs with LED

LED is something many people are switching to, but do they actually know the savings? For 25,000 hours of use you would need 21 Incandescent light bulbs but only 1 LED. That saves you $150 of electricity and doesn’t even account for the purchase of the bulbs themselves. Save some money and use LED!

Cross-ventilate your home

On a nice summer day make sure you are not just randomly opening a window. By strategically cross ventilating your home it will make it cooler! No need for the AC. Make sure you open windows that are across the room from each other. The breeze will be able to pass through instead of getting stuck in the house and turning into sitting air. Who doesn’t love a nice breeze of fresh air once and awhile?

If you wanted to make a larger initial investment that would pay for itself in the long run then these two tricks will be very helpful.

Install insulated windows

By using composite double pane windows, you will already be letting less heat and cool air out. These windows have U values as low as .25! Many average windows generally range from .25-1.25, so why not be on the low end! You could even choose to use composite triple pane windows with U values as low as .14 and take it one step further to use fiberglass triple pane windows with U values as low as .13. That would result in incredible savings!

Add Solar Panels

You can always choose to go a different route and produce all of your own electricity! By installing solar panels to the roof of your house or even garage you are going to be able to mostly pay for your electric bill. You may even have some left over for your gas bill!