The process of designing and building a house can be a roller-coaster of fun! For those who have built, you know about the ride that goes on during the process. Just when you think the design is final, there is always one more thing that you just want to add or take away. However, the feeling of finally walking into your dream house is what makes the process all worth it.

The key to having a smooth…well, as smooth as possible, experience with a builder is to find a company who you are comfortable working with and who has a specific plan on how they want to approach the whole process.

At PEA Builders we know that everyone is different, so our design process is fully unique based on the customer.  During the initial design process, we focus on four different aspects; Form Follows Function, The Program, Budget, and Property. All four of these are very important and play a big role in the design process.

Form Follows Function; Steve and architect Chris will work hand in hand with the clients to create a custom home that will be uniquely functional, as well as comfortable, and sustainable in a physical and emotional sense. We encourage the Sarah Susanka, “Not So Big House” approach…building smaller, and putting more quality into the design, structure, and materials.

In the Program aspect of design, the needs and wants of a client are discussed with the PEA Team, and we also talk about what they are hoping to achieve in terms of energy efficiency and overall function and beauty. Throughout this whole conversation, the Budget also has to be kept in mind. Steve’s expertise with build costs keeps the budget on track while going through the design process.

Something that is often overlooked is the customers property or lot. As many say when looking for a house what matters is location, location, location. Pretty much the same thing when building except it is property, property, property! This is so important because the topography and orientation to the sun need to be considered in order to design the most functional energy efficient home.

All of these aspects come into play when we design then build your forever home! If having an architecturally beautiful, energy efficient home is your dream, give us a call to find out how we can make that dream come true!