There are so many exciting design trends this year! In this blog, you will learn about some of these new ideas and be able to brainstorm how to use them in your own home. Welcome to BFYB…design edition!

Floral Patterns: Floral is all the new rage. From furniture to clothing to wall décor, it is making a comeback. No stuffy, old-fashioned florals here.  Think fresh and colorful. Florals can make any room in your home feel cheerful all year round. They pair well with other patterns, too… simply choose similar colors.



Colors: Blush pink, burnt yellow, rich color palettes. All of these colors can be used very tastefully around a home. Blush pink, or millennial pink as some would call it, was a huge hit in 2018 and rolled over into 2019. This color is widely loved and continues to come out in creative and unique ways. Burnt yellow, truly encompassing the term “the bolder the better”, is also very popular. Using this yellow as a statement piece or accent color will make your decor feel fun and happy throughout every season. As bolder and richer hues come into homes, this only enhances the beauty of the muted or natural tones that are already present. The statement piece pops, but so does everything else.


Lighting: Changing out your lighting can alter the look and feel of a space and is fairly easy to accomplish. Purchase lighting from a local store to obtain a unique look. Vintage lighting with a spin is making a comeback… try vintage styles with exposed bulbs and mixed metal finishes. By tastefully mixing a few different styles, the effect will be an original, yet create a timeless living space.



Walls: Wallpaper is back! Some claimed wallpaper would not make its way back into design, yet here it is. Using it is a surefire approach to creating an accent wall in a way that paint just cannot accomplish. It’s also available in a myriad of new patterns and colors. Another popular trend: full tile accent walls. Taking the tile from countertop to ceiling creates a beautiful and dramatic focal point.

Wood has also made a comeback as a wall covering. In fact, wood on the floor, walls and ceiling is being seen in more and more designs.



70’s Chic: Furnishings from this era are incredibly popular right now. Everything from the velvet furniture to the geometric shapes and colors lends an air of 70’s nostalgia to a room.  If a large dose of this style is too much for you, try adding small amounts into your décor. Adding fun textures and multiple materials can change the entire personality of a room!