Milwaukee Home BuilderBuilding is our passion.  Each new home is original, unique to those who live in it.  When we take on a project, we take great care to get every detail right, whether seen or unseen.

When Steve graduated with his architecture degree, he knew he couldn’t JUST design homes.  He wanted to create what was dreamed, see it come to life, and then ensure it came together as envisioned.

Milwaukee Home BuilderWhat we are and what we are not.  We’re NOT a “cookie cutter” builder, not a high volume builder, and our dream is not to build hundreds of homes a year.

We ARE a high performance home builder, a custom home builder, and we enjoy nothing more than working closely with everyday people to create exceptional, uniquely beautiful, energy-efficient homes.  This is true whether we design your home or you provide plans from an outside architect.

Milwaukee Home BuilderOur simple philosophy.  Build smaller… maximize the space; invest in the structure… quality, high performance components; pay attention to detail… whether it’s structural or aesthetic.  It’s similar, in essence, to what Sarah Susanka describes in her book, “The Not So Big House”.  Think of it as quality over quantity.

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