The Elmhurst Geothermal & Solar Home

Set on a beautiful 40 acre farm, this home uses new technology and old materials to create an eclectic farmhouse.

A 7.2 kW photovoltaic system sits perched on the roof to complement this all electric home. By far the most complex system we have ever installed, a small 3 ton geothermal field supports a radiant floor boiler system embedded in 3” of concrete over a precast floor structure.  This gives our rec room a 30’ clear span and 10’ ceilings. The same geothermal field also supports a boiler for domestic hot water and connects to an air handler for air conditioning. The walls of this 2700 sq. ft. 2 story home was constructed using 8” Structural Insulated Panels, and the ceiling was sprayed with 8”s of Icynene MD-R 200 2lb density foam. The foundation has 8”s of polystyrene foam on the exterior and 6” under the radiant floor slab. Reclaimed barn boards were milled down and used for the siding and interior beam work. Reclaimed oak beams and 2×6 boards finish off the front porch. Recycled sheet metal serves as our window shading on the south elevation. Cedar trim, with an old world look, case our triple pane fiberglass windows.

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