Passive Solar Home – Zimmermann

This earth berm passive solar home was built to take advantage of the natural temperature of the earth and the benefits of the sun. The axis faces due south allowing the “High Solar Heat Gain” windows to collect heat on sunny days. The heat is stored in the acid stained concrete floors and interior concrete walls. 6″ thick “Polystyrene” insulation keeps it from losing heat to the ground and steady earth temps make heating and cooling a minimal task. Photo Voltaic panels and a battery back up system keep this house fully powered with no attachment to the “Grid”. Open concept design with a long linear southern exposure keep all the rooms filled with light. Proper overhangs for shading will keep things cool in the summer.

Steve and Mary,

It’s full sunshine today; the laundry is done, the dishes are clean, the power is at 100%, voltage is 54.7. It’s 10 degrees outside, 78 in the back bedroom, 72 in the living room, the fans are going and two windows are open about an inch.

Fred & Carol


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