New Home Optional Features

Though our list of standard features is extensive and will provide a high performance quality home that far exceeds all other builders. However, if budgets allow there are options we offer that will yield even higher levels of efficiency and convenience. The following list of options is not exhaustive but are the major upgrades we’ve included.

Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Geothermal – This is a highly efficient system that uses heat pump to use the stored energy beneath the surface of the earth. Efficiencies up to 150% for heating and cooling your home are possible using clean electric power.

Radiant – There is nothing quite like the comfort of a radiant heating system. Radiant heating heats the objects and people it comes in contact with versus heating the air around them. If you have colder feet then the little extra cost for a radiant floor heating system may be what you’re looking for.

Added Insulation Systems
Thicker SIPs and/or SIPs garage – Our standard 6″ SIP wall is already a significant improvement over any other system out there but if you’re wanting to get close to “net zero” at minimal cost then 8″ SIPs would be a great upgrade.

Thicker foundation insulation – One way to maximize the efficiency of your new home and to provide an even higher lower level comfort level is added foundation wall and under floor insulation. We recommend 6″ exterior and under slab insulation, but can do up to 8″s of polystyrene for an R-value of  31

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) – ICFs are another alternative to insulating a standard poured foundation wall. This is a more complex system and we personally supervise every aspect of the installation to make sure everything goes properly. One thing to consider when selecting an ICF foundation is that the interior foam needs protected by drywall so finishing the lower is an item also needs to be added.

Fiberglass windows – Different color upgrades or wood veneer interiors can add beauty to any decor.

Upgraded Finishing
Finished Lower Level – The way we insulate and waterproof the foundation, finishing the lower level is an economical and comfortable way to add space. It can be 50% to 66% less costly to finish lower level versus first or second floor space. We are always looking for ways to add natural light and egress options to make this space the perfect addition.

Upgraded Cabinets & Countertops – Custom cabinets made with cherry, maple, lyptus and with soft close drawers and doors can add that touch of elegance and added storage features can help to organize those important items.

Central Vacuum System – Most people who build with us usually use hardwood and tile but for those who like carpet, a central vacuum system is a nice addition.

Drywall Finish (Knockdown or smooth) – The knockdown finish gives a rich southwest plaster type look. For a smooth finish, a separate finishing crew is used and Tuff-Hide™ primer is sprayed and sanded for a classic look.

Landscaping/patios/driveway/sidewalks – A beautiful green lawn with a well designed landscape plan can make your new home even more spectacular.

Technology Upgrades
Solar Panels – These are great and encouraged but they are not inexpensive. When the output benefit is compared to a 5% mortgage rate, there is a slight positive cash flow. We also recommend building a home with the type of systems we use to minimize the need for excess solar panels. Every home we build is “solar ready” has the extra meter, 60amp shutoff and conduit to roof included to make adding panels that much easier in the future.

Home Automation/Security Systems – Complete packages in structured cabling, security, whole home audio/video, and home automation. That’s the simplicity and peace of mind a house provides with total connectivity through a structured wiring system.

Safety & Lower Maintenance Upgrades
Egress Windows – When finishing off a lower level and there’s no exposure for a second egress point, we can add one or more at appropriate locations. Not only does this provide peace of mind in the event they’re needed but they also add significant light and make the area brighter.

Roofing – 40 year, 50 year recycled or metal – These alternatives can not only add more life to the roofing system but add an architectural element which can add character. Metal and recycled shingles also make for a cleaner runoff of water to use in watering catchment systems.

Septic/Mound & Well – Not everyone has access to a cities sewer and water supply which we supply hook ups in our standard features. If your lot requires a septic, mound or well, we have the ability to provide a quality system to meet your needs.

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