Form Follows Function

Milwaukee Builder New Home DesignThis exemplifies our philosophy. Every home is customized for each client. In fact, we have never built the same house twice. Each property has special characteristics. Every client has particular needs. Steve’s training in design and carpentry make him specially suited to find the home within and make it come to life.

Design Process

Milwaukee Builder New Home DesignEach home starts with a meeting to gain an understanding of the customers needs and budget. Then we meet at their property for careful assessment of solar access, shading and grade considerations. Once we have the customers home program developed, it’s time to begin the initial conceptual design.  This is typically a hand drawn or quick computer rendering. Once we spark some excitement, we begin the process of ironing out the floor plans and detailed elevations. Communicating through e-mail and weekly meetings, we mold and shape the plan until the form develops through its function.

Architectural Experience

Milwaukee Builder New Home DesignSteve has a Bachelor ’s degree in Architecture and a passion for energy efficient design and products. Mary has a degree in Interior design, great color skills and a keen ear for listening. We take great pride in our design skill as well as years of carpentry experience. This combination of skills allows us to be practical and accurate as we design. This helps keep the design considerations consistent with the budget. In fact, we always recommend that if someone is going to hire an independent architect that they select their builder at the same time. Then construction and budget considerations can be monitored during the design process.

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