Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs)

Reducing heat loss through the foundation

ICF Foundation Milwaukee BuilderUp to 37% of heat loss in a home is through an uninsulated basement. That’s one reason every home we build either uses an Insulated Concrete Form or Insulated poured concrete foundation and insulation under the basement slab. Not only does this save energy costs but it creates a lower level space that is dry and comfortable year round.

Benefits of Insulated Foundations

  • Saves money by reducing heat loss through foundation
  • More comfortable lower level for lower cost living space
  • More comfortable because it’s more dry than uninsulated basements.

What are ICFs or Insulated Concrete Forms?

ICF Foundation Milwaukee Builder

Instead of setting metal forms to pour the concrete into, ICFs forms are made of Expanded Polystyrene panels with a spacer system. The foam forms are left in place after the concrete cures to leave behind an insulated wall system.

Insulated Foundation Systems

ICF Foundation Milwaukee BuilderICFs are great but one downfall is that you must firestop the inside foam with drywall. If you drywall, then you might as well run the electrical and if you are looking for areas to save on the initial cost of your new home, the lower level is normally the best place to start. For that reason we offer a standard poured concrete wall, which has the benefit of being able to inspect the concrete from both sides, then we waterproof on the outside and add the same type of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam as ICFs to the outside. We can add any thickness of foam to acheive the desired insulation results. This method tends to be the most cost effective for people.

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