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The History of PEA Builders:

In 1989 while Steve Homa was attending UWM as a student of architecture, he was asked to design a deck then was asked to build it. The following year Steve formed Deck Design and Construction, Inc. where he designed and built decks as well as home remodeling.

Steve’s passion was for building homes and, after receiving his degree in architecture and 5 years of being successful at deck construction, stopped and went to work for a builder as a project manager. He learned valuable skill in all aspects of home construction while leading crews building custom homes and condos.

Steve saw the need for high performance homes and researched alternative building materials and methods. His research lead him to structural insulated panels or (SIPs) for the exterior walls that could outperform traditional stick framing at it best. He also used insulated concrete forms on the first home he built.

In 1995, Steve wanted to focus on sustainable construction and changed the name from Deck Design and Construction, Inc. to Progressive Environmental Alternatives, Inc. In time the advertised name was shortened to PEA Builders, Inc. to simplify awareness. Our name defines sustainable construction:

• The use of PROGRESSIVE materials and methods
• Incorporate low ENVIRONMENTAL impact products and concepts
• Reduce dependence on fossil fuels by using ALTERNATIVE energy sources

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